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The Big Game Rifle Club began in Victoria in 1983 by a small group of Melbourne enthusiasts. A few years later, groups in Queensland and NSW were also established and now WA.

The disciplines charter is to foster the collection, preservation and use of classic big game rifles.

The rifles in the discipline are hunting rifles and the course of fire attempt to simulate various hunting conditions. Many of the members are active hunters and participation allows them to practice their accuracy as well as rifle handling skills. Safety is paramount, and with the emphasis placed on offhand shooting, rapid fire, rapid reloading and the use of open sights.

No slings are used. Scopes can be used; however in most events a small handicap applies.


The firearms used within the discipline cover a wide range. Overall, they fit into the description of sporting rifles but this includes, literally, all types imaginable including double rifles, bolt actions, pump actions, lever actions, single shots of all types, bore rifles and Paradox arms.

Calibres range from .22 rimfire to mighty 4 bores, although the bulk of the events are shot with calibres in the range from .338 WM to .470 nitro.

The discipline encourages the use of classic and older firearms but most of the classes are defined by calibre and thus modern rifles are perfectly acceptable.


Targets are scored in a simple way, with equal scores being separated by the winner having the most 10’s.


Other than an adequate firearm and ammunition there is no other equipment needed to take part in this discipline. Regular hunting attire is most adequate.


Most events are shot offhand at 100 metres and feature timed sections.


States hold annual State Championships and a National Championship is conducted yearly by the national body.



State Delegate Phone Email
Malcolm 0405 345 191
John Pearson (08) 95783090

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