Brian Murray Liberal Democrat candidate North Metropolitan Region

Mr. Brian Murray is running for the Liberal Democrat for the North Metropolitan Region.

1) What do you currently know about firearms? No interest, poor, average, well-informed?  

I think I am well informed but, not an expert in all areas of the disciplines. I am mainly a recreational hunter.

2) Are you open to talking to us regarding firearms issues? Will you consult members of the industry before making/supporting changes to firearms legislation and only support changes based on evidence and fact rather than emotive arguments?

Yes, I will. I believe it has been lacking in this area for many years. Peoples business and lively hoods can be affected.  As a liberal democrat I would like to point out the good work our party and in particular, Senator Leyonhjelm has done for firearms owners across Australia.

3) Do you support further increases in firearms legislations? 

I do not support further changes of the legislation if they actually just introduce red tape and  more hurdles for legitimate use of firearms. If however, the legislation was to say remove the requirement for registration of long arms, then yes, I will support that type of change.  I urge SSAA members to check out the official policies on our website as they are too long to paste here...but this link will help

4) Currently, firearms in WA are licensed based on their appearance rather than functionality; will you support the WA Law Reform Commission’s recommendations to change this legislation? 

I believe firearms should be licensed for the functionality of the firearm, not appearances. I have a heard about the issues of firearms being rejected because they look a certain way while discussing some other issue at my local gun shop.

5) What is your position on recreational hunting on public land? Do you support it?  

Yes,  I think there are many positives for this and I would certainly be interested in new areas to hunt.

6) Are you aware that WA firearms owners currently pay the highest administrative fees in Australia? What is your view on this and will you support bringing those costs down? 

I most certainly will support a change on this that will lower the cost for licensed firearms owners. I currently have a collectors license and a normal firearms license. I would love to pay less. Perhaps if the registration of long arms was abolished it would require less staff to administer the registry, there are many areas that could introduce cost savings.

7) Are you aware of the requirements to own a semi-auto rifle or shotgun? Would you consider a reduction in the restrictions on semi-auto rifles and shotguns if presented with facts to support this?      

YES, just like many people, I would like to have them back as well.

8) Would you be open to an invitation to come out to a SSAA range and try shooting?

Yes, I would love to come out for a shoot whenever anyone asks. I can bring some of my own firearms out too.  Although, I am pretty familiar with the working of a range so it might be a case of talking with the converted.

9) What is your party’s official firearms policy?

Please use this link for the page on firearms policy