The Hon. Rick Mazza – Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (WA)

The Hon. Rick Mazza is the Member for Agricultural Region Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party

1) What do you currently know about firearms? No interest, poor, average, well informed?

Well informed and a supporter of Licensed Firearm ownership

2) Are you open to talking to us regarding firearms issues? Will you consult members of the industry before making/supporting changes to firearms legislation and only support changes based on evidence and fact rather than emotive arguments?

Absolutely and have always consulted stakeholders in advocating for FA owners and dealers

3) Do you support further increases in firearms legislations?

No, notwithstanding that the current legislation is workable, the administration, efficiency and resulting costs for applications are unacceptable. The current legislation is more than adequate to assist with public safety however, the focus needs to be directed to criminal activity to effectively reduce gun crime.

4) Currently, firearms in WA are licensed based on their appearance rather than functionality; will you support the WA Law Reform Commission’s recommendations to change this legislation?

Yes, appearance discrimination is a complete nonsense.

5) What is your position on recreational hunting on public land? Do you support it?

Yes, in fact it was a motion that I put to the Legislative Council that formed the parliamentary inquiry into recreation hunting on public land. Although the recommendations of the committee for a trial were rejected by the government P&W now have a pest control program utilising authorised clubs. If re-elected I will seek to formalise a system in legislation.

6) Are you aware that WA firearms owners currently pay the highest administrative fees in Australia? What is your view on this and will you support bringing those costs down?

Outrageous and I will advocate for a more efficient and cost effective system.

7) Are you aware of the requirements to own a semi auto rifle or shotgun? Would you consider a reduction in the restrictions on semi auto rifles and shotguns if presented with facts to support this?

Yes and also the use of sound moderators.

8) Would you be open to an invitation to come out to a SSAA range and try shooting?

Love to!

9) What is your party’s official firearms policy?