Jared Neaves – Liberal Democrat – Mining and Pastoral Region

Mr. Jared Neaves is the Liberal Democrat in the Mining and Pastoral Region for the upper house.

1) What do you currently know about firearms? No interest, poor, average, well-informed? 

I am a currently licensed firearm owner in WA so I would say very well informed.

2) Are you open to talking to us regarding firearms issues? Will you consult members of the industry before making/supporting changes to firearms legislation and only support changes based on evidence and fact rather than emotive arguments?

Absolutely! I believe the only debates that hold value are factual debates. One of the reasons I joined the Liberal Democrats in the first place was their unwavering support for the firearm industry in Australia. I believe it is necessary to be represented in state politics to have a greater say in the way firearm legislation is enacted.

3) Do you support further increases in firearms legislations?

No. I actually believe that the firearm legislation as it currently stands is too onerous on law abiding citizens. The only possible increases I would consider supporting are those that would penalise criminal use and unlawful possession/importation of firearms. I would only do this as long as there is a clear distinction made between criminals and licensed owners. I don't agree with the idiotic way some parties seem to think that if you take all the legal firearms away you wouldn't have any more firearm crime.

4) Currently firearms in WA are licensed based on their appearance rather than functionality; will you support the WA Law Reform Commission’s recommendations to change this legislation?

Yes. I was recently disappointed when I tried to purchase a WFA1 and came head to head with these ridiculous restrictions myself. There is no place for appearance restrictions. On a side note, I also support the law reform commission recommendations for the legalisation of Airsoft.

5) What is your position on recreational hunting on public land? Do you support it?

As a Liberal Democrats party policy, I support it fully.

6) Are you aware that WA firearms owners currently pay the highest administrative fees in Australia? What is your view on this and will you support bringing those costs down? 

I wasn't previously aware of that but am always open to new information. I previously believed it was comparable to the other states. If it is indeed worse for us here I would definitely want to do something about it. The LDP believe that less regulation results in less cost to administer it. I support bringing those costs down through any means possible especially through deregulation. I wonder how much money removing the registry would save? We at the LDP believe that high licensing costs are another stealthy way of damaging the firearms community.

8) Are you aware of the requirements to own a semi-auto rifle or shotgun? Would you consider a reduction in the restrictions on semi-auto rifles and shotguns if presented with facts to support this?

Yes, I am aware. The Liberal Democrats support the reintroduction of the ability to license semiautomatic firearms with no special limits or restrictions.

9) Would you be open to an invitation to come out to a SSAA range and try shooting?

I'd always love the opportunity to try someone else's firearms out. I'll bring my own down.