Mandar and Revolver



Mandar is a static handgun discipline which tests a competitor’s ability to perform highly accurate shots in a rapid-fire event. The procedure in Mandar is consistent and therefore it allows new shooters an easy introduction to handgun shooting within a tightly controlled, safe and familiar environment.

Mandar is unique to SSAA Western Australia. A number of clubs throughout WA offer Mandar competitions on a regular basis. Mandar and revolver run combined state title competitions annually.




The Competition

The course of fire in Mandar is strictly adhered to, giving competitors ample opportunities to hone their skills. This makes Mandar competition intense. Tied Mandar matches do not utilise a countback to identify a winner, rather the shooters are required to simultaneously repeat the last course of fire under a reducing time until one competitor posts a winning score. This becomes a challenging competitive environment of absolute precision under extreme stress.

The Equipment

Mandar doesn't publish any rules governing modifications to firearms and, for this reason, Mandar shooters will typically tune their equipment to produce pinpoint accuracy. Electro- Optical sighting systems, modified Semi-orthopaedic grips, professional trigger modification and specialised ammunition loads are all par for the course in Mandar.

The Targets

Mandar competition is conducted using a standard service pistol target. The 10 ring measures 100mm x 150mm and a target is sized approximately 420mm x 650mm. All shots fires in competition will be scored onto the same target with patching used to obscure shots taken in preceding stages. Any shot which contacts a line will be awarded the higher score.


State Delegate  Phone Email
Warren Baldock 0406 229 841

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