Jake McCoull – Liberal Democrats Party Candidate

Jake McCoull is the Liberal Democrats Party lower house candidate for the electorate of Darling Range.

1) What do you currently know about firearms? No interest, poor, average, well-informed?

At the least, well informed.

2) Are you open to talking to us regarding firearms issues? Will you consult members of the industry before making/supporting changes to firearms legislation and only support changes based on evidence and fact rather than emotive arguments?

I am very open to talking to the SSAA and any stakeholders or members of the industry before making/supporting any changes to firearms legislation.

3) Do you support further increases in firearms legislation?

No, I support a reduction of the current firearms legislation.

4) Currently, firearms in WA are licensed based on their appearance rather than functionality; will you support the WA Law Reform Commission’s recommendations to change this legislation?

Yes, the firearms appearance laws are not making anyone safer if firearms are to be categorized in licensing than it should only be by function

5) What is your position on recreational hunting on public land? Do you support it?

I fully support this, as does my Party.

6) Are you aware that WA firearms owners currently pay the highest administrative fees in Australia? What is your view on this and will you support bringing those costs down?

I know that less regulation means fewer bureaucrats to administer it, which means less cost to those it is inflicted upon.

7) Are you aware of the requirements to own a semi-auto rifle or shotgun? Would you consider a reduction in the restrictions on semi-auto rifles and shotguns if presented with facts to support this?

Yes, I am aware of the requirements and support a reduction in restrictions based on the many facts that would support this change as does my Party.

8) Would you be open to an invitation to come out to a SSAA range and try shooting?

I am proud to say that I am already a member of the SSAA Range “Perth Field Rifle Club” and would be happy to come for a shoot anytime.

The Liberal Democrats Party Policy on Firearms can be found at https://ldp.org.au/policy/firearms/