Practical Hunting Rifle

practical hunting rifle

A Brief Description

Practical Hunting Rifle is the closest sport you’ll find to real hunting. It will test and improve your ability to judge distance, give you knowledge of your rifle’s ballistics and how to judge the influence of the wind on the bullet’s trajectory. In addition, it will give you the ability to shoot from various positions, shoot within time constraints and with correct shot placement.


Practical hunting rifle is a shooting contest of variable and non- standard format that examines practical marksmanship as it occurs in the hunting field. This means that every competition will be different to the next. Both centrefire and rimfire matches are conducted.

In every competition total of 30 shots will be fired on a minimum of 6 lanes; typically 5 shots per target. The targets are placed at unknown distances and the competitor needs to judge the distance and make the required ballistic adjustments.

A few typical lanes may be shooting offhand (without support) at a fox about 50m away, shooting from a prone position, using a rock as support at a springbok about 250m away and shooting at a camel from a kneeling position, using a tree for support, about 180m away.


Any position can be prescribed by the match officials

Different for every one of the six lanes per conditions

Offhand, kneeling, sitting or prone without supports or with a support to simulate actual field conditions.


Vital zones scores vary from 30 to 5 points.

Other zones can attract a loss of 5 up to 15 points.


Life size paper prints of game and feral animals.

100mm and 200mm steel discs.

Classes of Rifles

Any centrefire hunting rifle allowed on SSAA ranges typically from .204Ruger to .300 Win Mag or .22LR Rimfire rifles.

Most competitors use off-the-shelf rifles with no modifications.

Slings are allowed, no limits to scope magnification maximum distance of 400m.

Laser range finder and wind meters are not allowed.


State Delegate Phone Email
Jan van Niekerk 0406 833 368
Phil Mansell 0419 926 973


Rule Book