Todd Phillips – Liberal Democrat Party Candidate

Mr. Todd Phillips is running for the Legislative Council in the upcoming election as a member of the Liberal Democrat Party.

1) What do you currently know about firearms? No interest, poor, average, well-informed?


2) Are you open to talking to us regarding firearms issues? Will you consult members of the industry before making/supporting changes to firearms legislation and only support changes based on evidence and fact rather than emotive arguments?

Yes and Yes.

3) Do you support further increases in firearms legislations?

No, as a default position, I support reduced firearms legislation.

4) Currently, firearms in WA are licensed based on their appearance rather than functionality; will you support the WA Law Reform Commission’s recommendations to change this legislation?


5) What is your position on recreational hunting on public land? Do you support it?

I support it as long as it does not unreasonably endanger innocent bystanders that have a valid co-existing right to use of that public land.

6) Are you aware that WA firearms owners currently pay the highest administrative fees in Australia?

What is your view on this and will you support bringing those costs down? Compulsory administrative fees should always be minimised or done away with. They should reflect the actual cost of registration and not a penny more. Less regulation, our preferred position, would mean lower administrative costs and therefore lower fees for WA firearms owners.

7) Are you aware of the requirements to own a semi-auto rifle or shotgun?

Would you consider a reduction in the restrictions on semi-auto rifles and shotguns if presented with facts to support this? I know the requirements are very onerous, and as such, any restrictions should be removed or reduced.

8) Would you be open to an invitation to come out to a SSAA range and try shooting?

Yes, absolutely.

9) What is your party’s official firearms policy?

The LDP firearm policy can be accessed by clicking on the following link: