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Long Range Precision

Long Range Precision is a handgun, rifle and black powder rifle discipline that aims to refine and develop the accuracy of firearms, ammunition and equipment for shooting at extreme distances. The handgun events vary from rimfire to centrefire calibres and are shot up to 500m, while the rifle events cover .22LR to .50 BMG calibres and are shot up to 2000m. The core matches require the competitor to shoot five shots from a cold barrel, without the use of benches or windflags, as they would in a normal field situation.

Matches and firearms

The sport of Long Range Precision Shooting was introduced by the SSAA as a group of events aimed to refine and develop the use of a variety of firearms at extreme distances. There are events for handguns, rifles and black powder rifles.

The rifle events cover rifles chambered in everything from the .22 Long Rifle up to the massive .50 BMG calibre. These matches are shot over a number of different distances, with a maximum of 2000m. Likewise, the handgun events vary from rimfire to centrefire and can be shot out to 500m.

The core matches for Long Range Precision Shooting require the shooter to be able to deliver five shots from a cold barrel, as they would in a normal in-the-field situation. Also, it must be shot without the use of benches, windflags, etc. To be successful, the competitor will need to learn to read the wind and other conditions and understand their firearm and its ballistics completely.

Long Range Precision Shooting aims to develop and encourage long-range competition shooting; achieve extreme accuracy in firearms, ammunition, equipment and shooting methods; and promote experimentation to achieve these goals

For more information on Long Range Precision in WA contact:

Shane Alymore email: 0417 952 589


Darren Miller 0423 889 369

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