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2020 SSAA (WA) Practical Hunting Rifle State Championships

Entry Fee: One event: $30, Two: $50, Three: $70, Four: $90 (Junior/Veteran discount applies)

Nominations received by Wed, 19 Aug 2020 will attract a discount, no late entry after 26 Aug.

All entries includes a BBQ after the last event for the day.

2020 Prac Hunting Rifle Nom Form

Nominations to be e-mailed to


Time Saturday 5 September Sunday 6 September

07:00 am Admin, please make yourself known

07:30 am Rifle zeroing commences

08:00 am Rifle zeroing ceases, final setup commences

08:30 am Centrefire Shoot Brief (mandatory) .22LR Rimfire Shoot Brief (mandatory)

09:00 am Centrefire Shoot main event .22LR Rimfire Shoot main event

11:30 pm Admin, please make yourself known (Verify .222/.233 rifles compliance)

12:00 pm Rifle zeroing commences

12:30 pm Rifle zeroing ceases, final setup commences

13:00 pm .222/.223 Shoot Brief (mandatory) Big Game Rifle Shoot Brief (mandatory)

13:30 pm .222/.223 Shoot main event Big Game Rifle Shoot main event

17:00 pm Award presentation & BBQ after last event


Nominate if you are shooting left-handed, or using a muzzle break on entry form

Juniors to nominate responsible parent or legal guardian.

All events will require 30+ rounds of ammunition

Attendance of the shooter’s briefing is mandatory for all shooters

You must be a current financial member of SSAA to compete in this event

Only financial members of PRMSC qualify for PRMSC club championship

Valid SSAA and PRMSC (if applicable) membership cards to be shown for each event

Approved SSAA PHR Rules applies for these events and can be perused at

Soft drinks will be available for purchase throughout the day

Shooters to provide their own snacks/lunch during the day

Delegates meeting follow after .222/.223 shoot on Sat, 5 Sep. Each club to nominate their delegates in writing.


Wed, 19 Aug 2020 Early entry discount closes

Wed, 26 Aug 2020 Final entries closes – NO LATE ENTRY / NO ENTRY ON THE DAY

Sat, 5 Sep 2020 CF and .222/.223 events, award presentation and BBQ

Sun, 6 Sep 2020 .22LR Rimfire and Big Game Rifle events, award presentation and BBQ