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Perth Western Action Club

Wanneroo Shooting Comlex, Pinjar WA 6078, Australia

Richard McLain
Phone: 0438 042 247

Western Action shooting is a state of mind.

Have you ever wished for the world to be a simpler place? Like the world of an old-fashioned “B-Grade” Western Movie? Have you ever wished for a good horse and saddle, a Winchester Carbine and a Colts revolver and the wide-open prairie full of adventure stretched out before you?

If so, Perth Western Action Club is for you.

Alas, we do not ride horses and we do not have quick draw contests; but we do shoot late 19 Century firearms under timed conditions which make our metal targets clang with success. And in period costume, to boot!

We are a casual club who meet together to discuss and shoot antique firearms safely. Comradery is valued over competition even though we do hand out awards to accurate shooters. Western Action Shooting or, as it is called in the USA, Single-Action Shooting is a world-wide sport open to anyone over 18.

If you have a hankering to see how things were done in the old days, you are welcome to join us at our Wanneroo Shooting Complex Range.

List of disciplines we shoot:

- Single Action

- Field Pistol

- Field Rifle

- Handgun Metallic Silhouette

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