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The Revolver match was introduced into WA in the early 1980’s and is a very popular discipline.

It is classed as a mainstay discipline at many SSAA (WA) Clubs and growing in popularity.

Revolver is a static discipline which tests a competitor’s ability to perform highly accurate shots in a rapid-fire event.

Revolver is definitely not a beginner's discipline, it is very mentally challenging and precise at the higher levels, requiring a cool head under pressure.

The Revolver match is divided up into 6 stages for a total of 60 rounds plus 5 sighting shots at the start of the match. They are fired at distances from 50 meters down to 10 meters using different targets at each stage.

After each stage all targets are scored and then patched ready for the next stage. The course of fire in Revolver is always the same, giving competitors ample opportunities to test their skills.

In Revolver, as the name suggest you must use a Revolver. There are 4 separate divisions, so you can use Rimfire or Centrefire Revolvers with or without optical aids.

Revolver competition is conducted using 6 different targets. All the targets are listed in the rulebook and readily available from ACS Swan Print. Any shot which contacts a line will be awarded the higher score.

If you would like to try pistol shooting, or a good Revolver challenge, then the Revolver discipline could be for you.

Revolver Rulebook - New Ssaa Wa Revolver Rulebook 2022 V3

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