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Safety, Ethics and Etiquette

It is essential that you, the firearms owner/user, are aware of YOUR responsibilities to:



1. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.

2. Your firearm is your responsibility.

3. Always ensure your firing zone is clear and identify your target beyond all doubt.

4. Never point a firearm at or near another person.

5. Never load a firearm until you are ready to shoot

6. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

7. When you have finished shooting remove the magazine (if fitted), unload and then check that the chamber is empty.

8. Make sure that all firearms are transported securely to prevent misuse or theft.

9. Never allow unauthorised access to your firearm(s) or ammunition.

10. Do not climb fences or obstacles with loaded firearms

11. Encourage safe and responsible handling of firearms in the field, on the range, and within the community.

12. Never mix shooting with alcohol or drugs

13. Understand the operation of your firearm, keep it in good repair, and always use the correct ammunition.

14. Never store firearms and ammunition together. Ensure they are safely locked away when not in use.

15. Be familiar with the legal requirements for safe storage, firearms ownership, possession and use in your state or territory, or in the state or territory you are visiting.

16. Dispose of unwanted firearms lawfully. Surrender them to the police or sell them to or through an authorized dealer


Our Member's Code

• I will consider myself an invited guest of the landholder, seeking his or her permission, and so conducting myself that I may be welcome in the future.

• I will obey the rules of safe gun-handling and courteously but firmly insist that others who hunt with me do the same.

• I will obey all game laws and regulations and will insist that my companions do likewise.

• I will do my best to acquire those marksmanship skills which assure clean, sportsmanlike kills.

• I will support conservation efforts that can support sustainability for future generations of Australians.

• I will pass along the attitudes and skills essential to ensuring long-term sustainability of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

Become a member

When you join SSAA you become part of Australia’s largest shooting organisation and join thousands of other people around the country in ensuring the future of the shooting sports.

As a member you’ll have access to shooting clubs, a national magazine and a great insurance package for your firearms at home and in the field along with lots of other great benefits.

Your membership gives us strength to lobby the State and Federal Governments on matters that affect our sport. The greater our membership, the more effective we are.