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2024 SSAA (WA) Fly Shoot State Championships

Saturday 11th May for 500m LG & HG Centre Fire

Sunday 12th May for 200y RimFire

Proudly hosted by
Perth Rifle Metallic Silhouette Club

Competition will be held at the Wanneroo Shooting Complex, Perry Road, PINJAR

First warmer target will start at 8am SHARP,

Sign in and weighing of guns will start at 7am

CF Heavy gun: Bronze, Silver and Gold

CF Light gun: Bronze, Silver and Gold

Smallest grouping: LG & HG

Highest target score: LG & HG

2 Gun (LG & HG): Bronze, Silver and Gold

Rimfire: Bronze, Silver and Gold

Smallest Group

Highest target score

Juniors: Bronze, Silver and Gold

3 Gun (CF LH/HG and RF): Bronze, Silver and Gold

And Fly patches on offer for all events

Classes will be capped at 30 shooters for per class LG & HG

LG will be shot 1st and finished before we start HG allowing for cleaning of guns or changing barrels

And 64 shooters for Rimfire (4 Details and all will be shooting off movable benches)

If using pointed feet for rests you will need discs to put under them to protect the benches

Costs = $40.00 per class (LG & HG), or enter in to both for $60.00

Rim Fire is $40 or all 3 classes $90

Juniors $20 per class

Please bring cash

SSAA card needs to be sighted on the day of the shoot


To allow time to arrange bench draws, nominations are to be forward via email no later than 5.00 pm, Wednesday 8th May 2024 for Centre Fire and Rimfire, to the following organiser:

See State Flyer here - 2024 Ssaa Wa Fly State Flyer

Please include the following information in your email:

· Name

· Class or classes you wish to shoot

· Details regarding sharing equipment (with who)

· Junior or left-hander

· Contact phone number, email address


Light Gun, Heavy Gun and Rimfire competition shall be run as a registered match under the SSAA Benchrest Fly rule book. Rule and class information is available via


Range will be open from 3pm on the 10th May for practice and flag set up for CF.

Practice and flag set up for RF will commence after HG has finished on Saturday

Wind flag setting must be complete by 7.30 am sharp (so get there early) on day of competitions

Sighting/fouler will be the official 10 min warmer target at start of the match (unlimited ammo for warmer target).

7.45am will be the start of the shooters meeting before event

Important Note: There will be a BBQ lunch and cool drinks/water which are included in shooting fee, if you require anything else, please bring it along. State fly meeting will be held after competition.