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2020 SSAA(WA) IHMS State Championships


TO BE HELD ON 27th, 28 and 29th March


VENUE: Perth Handgun Metallic Silhouette Club
Wanneroo Shooting Complex – Perry Rd Pinjar

Time 8:00am Gun Check
8:30am Shooting Starts

Field Pistol Field Pistol Production
(IHMSA) Field Pistol Production Any Sights
Practical Hunter Short Course
Small Bore Production
Production Standing
Unlimited, Unlimited Any Sights, Unlimited Standing
Practical Hunter .22 LR Course

RULES: As per IHMSA Inc. Official Rules
ELIGIBILITY: Entry is open to all SSAA Financial Members.
Members must be properly classified in the categories they wish to
enter and have completed TWO entries in non-championship
sanction matches within 12 months prior to entering this
Championship Match.
NOTE: Small Bore, IHMSA Field Pistol and Big Bore are considered separately, in relation to the sanction match requirement.
Please ensure your firearm meets IHMSA criteria for the category
you wish to compete in.
Current SSAA membership card to be presented at gun check.

TIED SCORES: First place in all categories will be decided by shoot-offs other placings will be decided by reverse animal count.

GUN CHECK: Gun check will be held each morning prior to the commencement of competition. Guns must be certified before being fired for a score.
Shooting for score with a gun that has not been certified for the
event will result in disqualification.

GENERAL INFO: - Shooters or their spotters will be required to reset and re-paint targets.
- Limited canteen facilities will be available each day of competition
- Those competitors wishing to shoot 6 or more categories will have
to make themselves available to shoot over all three days.
- Camping facilities are available on site.
-Those competitors not having shot sufficient or any Sanction
Matches prior to the State Titles should note that PHMSC is holding
Sanction shoots on the following dates, 2nd February 1st March and
the 15th March 2020
This State Championships is part of the selection criteria for the 2020 SSAA(WA) IHMS State Team. Please see Selection Criteria for full details.

Club delegates for the discipline meeting will need a letter endorsing them from their club secretary.
Match Director: Joe Brajkovich 0414 474 573

Big Bore State Titles will be held on the 19th, 20th and 21st June. A separate entry form will be sent out,
*** Notice is hereby given that a State Discipline Sub-Committee meeting will be held on 8th June at the SSAA IHMSA Big Bore State Titles, at the completion of the days shooting.