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Travelling into and out of WA with firearms

Can I bring a firearm into WA for a hunting holiday or competition?

Anybody travelling to WA with firearms will require a Temporary WA Firearms Permit.  These can be found on the WAPOL Firearms Website

WAPOL Firearms Direct

Temporary Permit Application

Group permits are free while individual permits incur a fee. Make sure you apply well ahead of time as they do take some time to process. This permit must be kept with you at all times during your stay in WA and you can purchase ammunition with this temporary permit from any dealer in WA.

Can I travel out of WA for hunting holiday or competition with my firearm?

If you intend travelling interstate with your firearms for a competition or holiday it is important to remember that each State and Territory has its own firearms legislation. You will need to contact the relevant State Firearms Registry before travelling. Ensure you do this well before you plan on travelling.

Can I fly with my firearms?

Yes, you will need to contact your airline well before your travel date to get an approval permit if you intend to carry ammunition.  

Remember to check with your airline for their up to date policy. 

Qantas: Qantas Dangerous Goods

Virgin: Virgin Dangerous Goods

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