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SSAA (WA) COVID 19 Statement - March 2020

SSAA WA Directive on State Title Events - Club Operations in Western Australia

In response to the most up to date developments and emergency response measures initiated by the Australian Federal and State Governments as part of the National Action Plan to deal with the current (Coronavirus - COVID 19) pandemic.

SSAA (WA) has decided to immediately initiate the following measures to ensure the health and safety of all members, volunteers and the broader community.

These measures are in effect as at 5.00pm AWST Monday 23rd March 2020 and will remain in place until Sunday the 31st May 2020.

  • All SSAA WA State Title Events are postponed until further notice.
  • All SSAA National Title Events are postponed until further notice.
  • All SSAA State, National and International team travel is postponed until further notice.

In addition to these notifications it is the highest recommendation of the SSAA (WA) to all Branches and Clubs to immediately implement the following measures.

  • All Branch and Clubs are advised to suspend all matches, scheduled events and calendared operations effective 5.00pm AWST Monday 23rd March 2020. These measures should remain in place until 5.00pm AWST Monday Sunday 31st May 2020.
  • All Branches and Clubs may wish to continue to allow ‘Ranges’ to remain accessible to members should any member wish to conduct and continue shooting related activities such as practice, sighting in of firearms, and maintenance of proficiency. Clubhouses are advised to remain closed.
  • All Members are advised to maintain social distancing, cease shaking hands, and maintain all personal hygiene recommendations and updates issued by the relevant Government Health authorities.
  • All Branches and Clubs should ensure they maintain the highest levels of ‘Range’ hygiene in accordance with all Government Health Authority regulations, updates and advice.
  • Members should only attend ranges where absolutely necessary and only in very limited numbers in accordance with all Government Health Authority regulations, updates and advice.
  • At this time, members are advised that the minimum attendance provisions for firearm licensing and in particular Category H firearms in accordance with the WA Firearms Act (1973) remain in place.
  • All Branches, Clubs and Members are further advised that it is the decision of the SSAA (WA) that the By-law requirement(s) outlined in the SSAA (WA) By-Laws dated August 2013 Section 12 (d) and Section 24 (c) stating that “members are obliged to participate in the specific discipline ( or disciplines) for which support has been approved 6 times per year, with a maximum time between attendances of 12 weeks” will be suspended until the 31st May 2020 for all Branches, Clubs and Members that immediately implement the recommendations outlined within this directive.

The SSAA (WA) will continue to update and communicate with all WA Branches, Clubs and Members across the network as this situation evolves.

Thank you your understanding and support during this unprecedented National Emergency.

Ron Bryant
State President
Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (WA) Inc.

23rd March 2020

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