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Starting a SSAA Club

I have a few mates and we are thinking of creating our own club. How do we do this?

If you have several interested people, it is a very simple process to set up a SSAA Club / Branch.

To do this you need to follow the basic steps below:

  • You need a minimum of six people interested in the forming of a new branch
  • Choose a name for your new club, if you want to use SSAA in the name of the Club you will need to contact the SSAA Liaison Officer to arrange a letter giving you permission to do so.
  • Apply for your name and become incorporated.
  • You will need a constitution. We recommend using the SSAAWA model constitution (an updated version will be available soon).

This link to the WA Department of Commerce will explain the process.

Do we need to buy our own land?

Subject to approval and suitability of the site you could use your own land, rented/leased property (with appropriate approval from land holder / a Police Range Approval is required), or come to an arrangement and hire an existing approved range.

How much land do we need?

For a Centre fire rifle range, in simplistic terms you need a patch of land 900 meters wide and 2750 meters long to use as your fallout area/ danger template.

For a Rim fire rifle/handgun range you will need a patch of land 400 meters wide and 1500 meters long Preferably 1825 +.

Check out WA Standard for exact angles etc. available from SSAAWA State Safety Officer.

How many types of competitions / disciplines can we do?

Lots...again dependant on your range/ fallout area/ danger template. Once you have your Range Approval we can then advise you what matches you could shoot. We offer a large range of disciplines including, rifle, hand gun, shot gun, air pistol, air rifle, we have something for everyone. Disciplines information here.

What are the benefits of becoming a SSAA club?

The SSAA (WA) Inc. is the largest organisation representing firearm owners in Western Australia, promoting a broad range of firearm sports at local and state level through more than 60 clubs spread across WA and we're outspoken advocates for shooters' interests.

As a SSAA Affiliated club you are entitled to:

15% discount on SSAA affiliated club's property insurance

Voluntary workers liability cover

Associations liability cover


ALL COMMISSIONS paid back to your association - SSAA

As a SSAA member you are entitled to:

NO BROKER FEE for personal lines insurance

$20,000,000 liability cover for recreational shooting

Personal accident cover while engaged in shooting activities

20% discount on AIG Australia travel insurance


You’ll be covered at home, at the range, while hunting plus overseas for up to 28 days. This great-value insurance covers you against loss, damage or theft and the excess is only $100 per claim. What’s more, claims are settled for replacement value assessed by an approved firearms dealer.

SSAA Members & Affiliated Clubs

Become a member

When you join SSAA you become part of Australia’s largest shooting organisation and join thousands of other people around the country in ensuring the future of the shooting sports.

As a member you’ll have access to shooting clubs, a national magazine and a great insurance package for your firearms at home and in the field along with lots of other great benefits.

Your membership gives us strength to lobby the State and Federal Governments on matters that affect our sport. The greater our membership, the more effective we are.