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SSAA Farmer Assist

The SSAA Farmer Assist program has been developed to enable farmers with wildlife management issues to seek pest control assistance from licensed and insured SSAA members.

The specially designed program is run via the Farmer Assist website, allowing a farmer to choose who they invite onto their properties from the group of members replying to their post. SSAA members who participate in this program have all achieved a skill competency equivalent to professional shooter training and have committed to operating under a code of practice that demands safety, animal welfare and ethical behaviour.

SSAA (WA) Members

If you are a current member of one of our SSAA Conservation & Wildlife Management (CWM) Branches, you can go straight to the registration page to sign-up for the SSAA Farmer Assist program. Your current SSAA CWM accreditation is recognised as being sufficient to cover the practical target assessment requirements of the program.

If you are not a current member of SSAA CWM, you are required to undertake the practical competency target assessment that is part of the registration process. The practical competency target assessment involves successfully shooting the approved SSAA Farmer Assist Assessment Target and getting the target signed off by a SSAA authorised range officer.

The practical competency target assessment can be undertaken at any suitable SSAA WA range. Please contact your local range directly to find out if they have the facilities and time to accommodate your needs. You are advised to contact your local range prior to attending to shoot the target so you know the appropriate time to arrive and what range fees may be applicable.

SSAA WA has provided a list of suitable ranges where interested members can shoot the assessment target. SSAA WA may also coordinate special assessment days at specific venues if demand exists. 

Please contact our CWM Officer for details of the ranges available

Main Assessment Target Ranges

Use the contact information on the SSAA Farmer Assist website to directly contact or be referred to the club website where other contact information can be found.

Information for farmers

Do you need assistance with pest animals? SSAA Farmer Assist can help!

We have accredited, insured and friendly members all across Australia ready and waiting to help you.

Our accreditation process ensures that our members display a professional standard* shooting competency to register for the program and this standard comes without a professional price tag.

Our members participate in this program as volunteers so no fees and no charges apply. They want to help you, they want to be involved in pest management and they don’t expect or want any payment from you for it.

The process for you to register for the program is simple and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Help with pest animal issues is only a couple of short steps away so what’s stopping you?

*All registered SSAA Farmer Assist members have achieved a shooting skill competency equivalent to commercial professional macropod harvesters*   

Become a member

When you join SSAA you become part of Australia’s largest shooting organisation and join thousands of other people around the country in ensuring the future of the shooting sports.

As a member you’ll have access to shooting clubs, a national magazine and a great insurance package for your firearms at home and in the field along with lots of other great benefits.

Your membership gives us strength to lobby the State and Federal Governments on matters that affect our sport. The greater our membership, the more effective we are.